Sustainability Focused

Enhancing Our Environment

Targeting a 5 Green Star sustainability rating, sustainability is at the core of Mānawa Bay. This includes optimising resources through waste minimisation, reducing carbon emissions, supporting local communities and enhancing our environment.



Sustainable from the Start

Since the earliest concept stages, we have built our vision for Mānawa Bay around sustainability, in every sense of the word. More than just a shopping destination, we wanted to build a place designed to be better for people and the planet, grounded in its local environment and setting a new benchmark for responsible building and commerce.


This vision starts at ground level, with careful planning to protect and enhance the environment surrounding Mānawa Bay. With over 40,000sqm of green space, our extensive planting and stormwater management systems will allow the diverse native flora and fauna — including native lizards and nesting dotterels — to thrive. Open public spaces will be available for the community to enjoy, with views across the mangroves and upper Manukau Harbour.

Powered by Renewables

Unseen from the ground yet central to our sustainability plans is the roof of Mānawa Bay. Supporting what’s expected to be Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest rooftop solar array  on top of the 35,000m2 building. At 2.3 megawatts, the solar array will generate the equivalent of 80 per cent of the centre’s power usage when it opens in 2024. Learn more


In another first, Mānawa Bay has also introduced a zero natural or LPG gas policy, which is expected to eliminate up to 57% of its greenhouse gas emissions from its kitchens. Learn more

Waste Minimisation

Waste minimisation and management is another crucial part of our vision, including ways to eliminate sources of waste, plus recycling, organic waste collection and landfill minimisation. As a fashion destination for the future, we will continue to look at new opportunities and focus on what else can be done, as we understand how important this is for our shoppers, our tenants and the wider community.

Sustainability is a journey, and we know that what we can achieve will evolve and grow over time, as we build new partnerships and discover new ways of doing things.

We’re committed to starting the journey in the best possible way. From rainwater harvesting to local community partnerships, integrated transport through to being Aotearoa New Zealand’s first 5 Green Star design and build retail shopping centre, we’re creating a place that’s good for people, good for the community and good for the land.

What's Happening

With exciting sustainability news, Mānawa Bay continues to take shape.