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Ice Breaker Outlet

For over 29 years, icebreaker has challenged the status quo by championing natural, transparent, and responsible ways to do business. Inspired by nature, icebreaker harnesses the incredible capabilities of natural fibres to make high-quality performance apparel for outdoor adventures and everyday life. 


Made with nature's miracle fibre, merino wool, icebreaker clothing proves time and time again how incredible nature is.


Merino wool provides the qualities and benefits we all expect from performance apparel, and more. It’s a resilient fibre, making it long-lasting. It has temperature regulation properties, so it keeps you cool and provides warmth when you need it. It’s naturally odour-resistant and incredibly versatile, so you can wear it for longer, and more often. It’s breathable, which helps to manage sweat, and it’s incredibly soft – you have to feel it to believe it.

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